Colorado to Indiana freight shipping

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Colorado freight shipping

Colorado Freight Shipping Map

Colorado has four major industries that economically contribute to the state’s success. These include service, agriculture, manufacturing, and mining. The service industry is by far the largest industry in the state. Here is a quick look at the four industries and what they provide,


Service Industry caters a lot to tourism. Skiing and snowboarding are popular attractions that brings people to the state. Other services that do well in Colorado are medical, legal, software development and engineering.  A big part of the state’s economy also includes financial, real estate and insurance services.

Agricultural Industry’s leading product is cattle. Other resources such as chickens, eggs, lamb, and pork are produced as well. The non-livestock agricultural products are corn, beans, potatoes and sugar beets.

Manufacturing specialties such as communication equipment and computers do very well in Colorado. The state also manufactures clothing, beer and soft drinks.

The Mining industry has a huge abundance of natural gas. Coal and oil are also mined in Colorado. The state mines minerals and precious metals such as copper, zinc, gold and silver.

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Indiana freight shipping

in2Indiana is a largely flat state with agriculture and steel industries. The roads are usually well-maintained, and much Indiana freight shipping is done via truck. The state does not have a large international airport, and most goods need to be trucked out of the state for air shipping. As the state borders the Mississippi River as well as the Great Lakes, a large of amount of Indiana freight shipping also moves by water. The railroad system in this state is extensive and well-maintained. With plenty of freight moving in and out of the state, Indiana freight rates are very affordable