Colorado to Montana freight shipping

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Colorado freight shipping

Colorado Freight Shipping Map

 Colorado supports its industries and manufacturing by importing. Imports help trade agreements between countries with the state. Imports also help keep product costs down. Some items are less expensive to purchase and transport to the state than to produce. Some of the leading parts Colorado imports are,

Crude oil from petroleum

Digital processing units


Airplane & O/T A/C

Medical surgical and dental equipment

Automatic data processing storage units

Container bags and cases

Artificial parts of the body

Engine and motor parts

Static converters and power supplies

Frozen meat

Orthopedic parts

Electrical controls


 Many countries import their products into Colorado. The top three countries importing into the state are Canada, China, and Mexico. The following countries also contribute to the states imports,




South Korea


United Kingdom


Taiwan and more

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Montana freight shipping

Montana Freight Shipping MapMontana is a large northern state with a very low population density. The state has thriving agricultural, lumber, and mining industries. While some of the state includes open plains, a large amount consists of mountain ranges. Montana has well-maintained roads and important railroad lines moving through the state. Montana freight shipping can be somewhat more expensive due to the relative remoteness of many areas, but the state industries guarantee a certain amount of volume of goods moving through the state. LTL freight rates can be expensive, and the least expensive Montana freight rates can be found in areas close to the rail lines.