Colorado to Ohio freight shipping

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Colorado freight shipping

Colorado Freight Shipping Map

There are over a half million small business in Colorado. These businesses employ almost one million people. Ninety-seven percent of all private businesses that exist in the state are small. The US SBA defines small businesses with fewer than five hundred people. Accommodation and food services, health care and social assistance, and professional, scientific, and technical services make up the three largest areas for small businesses. Over eighty-five percent of exported goods are done by these companies. They generate almost one third of the state’s export value. Small business represents a wide variety of industries in the state. Here is a list of top industries including quantity of firms existing.

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (almost one hundred thousand firms)


Construction (Sixty-four thousand firms)


Health Care and Social Assistance (forty-four thousand firms)


Retail trade ( forty-seven thousand firms)


Accommodation and Food Service (fourteen thousand firms)


Real Estate, Rental, and Leasing (sixty-three thousand firms)


Administrative and Waste Management (thirty-nine thousand firms)


Finance and Insurance (twenty-one thousand firms)


Wholesale Trade (twelve thousand firms)


Manufacturing (eleven thousand firms)


Transportation and Warehousing (sixteen thousand firms)


Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation (twenty-seven thousand firms)


Educational Services (fourteen thousand firms)


Mining, Quarrying and Oil Gas Extraction (five thousand firms)


Forestry and Agriculture Support (four thousand firms)


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Ohio freight shipping

ohio2Ohio is a Midwestern state that borders the Great Lakes and the Ohio River. Most of the state consists of flat plains which are largely devoted to agriculture. Ohio has a thriving business climate and a busy economy. Due to the lakeside location, Ohio freight often moves by river or canal as well as through several busy seaports. Ohio freight shipping is also frequently done by rail. The state has a very high volume of goods moving both in, out, and through the many roads and railroads, making LTL freight shipping very affordable. Ohio shipping rates are very affordable year-round due to the heavy industrial areas and amount of manufacturing done in the state.