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nevada freight shipping mapFreight shipping from Nevada is easier than ever with FreightCenter. Our simple quoting and booking process will enable you to get instant freight rates from all the top shipping companies and start booking your freight shipments in a few short minutes. FreightCenter makes it affordable to ship freight by LTL, Truckload, Rail, or Intermodal with our guaranteed competitive freight rates.

Nevada is a large, arid state made up of flat desert basins and high mountain ranges. The state was originally founded on a mining industry, although the tourist and ranching industries have since become the largest source of income for the state. Las Vegas is the population center of the state, so Nevada shipping rates have the best prices when shipping to and from this location. Las Vegas is a very high-consumption area due to the tourist industry, so freight shipping out of this area is the cheapest option for Nevada freight. LTL freight rates are also affordable in this area, but prices increase further from population centers. Rail shipping is an affordable option in some parts of the state.

Major Cities in Nevada

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  • Shipping from Carson City, NV
  • Enterprise
  • Henderson, NV
  • Las Vegas
  • North Las Vegas
  • Paradise
  • Reno
  • Sparks
  • Spring Valley
  • Sunrise Manor



When you need to plan a freight shipment to or from Nevada, FreightCenter is your top choice each and every time. We've been managing Nevada freight shipping for both individuals and companies since 1998, moving thousands of freight shipments on a monthly basis. Through our high-volume discounts built with leading trucking companies, we can reduce your freight rates when shipping to and from Nevada.

At FreightCenter, our goal is to make Nevada freight shipping fast, easy, and affordable for everyone through our low shipping rates, advanced freight technology, and quality customer service. Use the information and links below to start planning your freight shipment from Nevada to anywhere in the nation.

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