New York to Alaska freight shipping

Shipping from New York to Alaska is now easier than ever with FreightCenter. We use a simple quoting and booking system that allows you to get instant shipping rates from our top shipping carriers and book your freight shipments in just a few short minutes. FreightCenter guarantees affordable shipping from New York to Alaska when transporting by LTL, truckload, rail, or intermodal.

New York freight shipping

New York Freight Shipping MapNew York is one of the busiest states in the country. New York is known as the central population hub for the entire United States. Just outside of New York City, lies a vast amount of rich cultivation, mountains and forested areas. The economy relies mostly on the manufacturing and agricultural industry, as well as tourism. Shipping rates for New York as lower when shipping out of the state and higher when shipping in. Generally, shipping rates are constantly low due to the bustling economy and large number of goods moving in and out of the state. Shipping freight in New York is simple due to the way the railways and roads were planned and executed throughout the state. The accessibility to international air and sea ports also allow for a range of international shipping options available, additionally driving lower LTL rates. 

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Alaska freight shipping

Alaska Freight Shipping MapAlaska is an enormous and remote area that often requires an exclusive shipping solution. The state is separated from the remaining continental United States by roughly 500 miles. Some Alaskan roads typically used by trucks are seasonal, meaning several regions are not always accessible for truckers. This makes shipping by air or sea viable options to consider when shipping in Alaska. Even though shipping out of the state is usually associated with low shipping rates, LTL prices are sometimes higher than shipping through air, even for the same weight. Low shipping rates are hard to find, especially when moving freight out of Alaska towards western regions.