North Dakota to Idaho freight shipping

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North Dakota freight shipping

North Dakota Freight Shipping Map

 North Dakota is a leading producer of livestock. Agricultural work requires a lot of freight shipping to support it. Transporting machinery for livestock using our trucking services will save you money. North Dakota’s livestock consists mainly of the following.

Beef – North Dakota has almost 3 beef cattle per person in the state.

Bison – Also known as buffalo are raised for their meat and hides.

Dairy – Dairy herds produce millions of gallons of milk annually.

Pork – North Dakota raises over one hundred and fifty thousand pigs a year.

Sheep – Used for meat and clothing. Over eighty thousand a year.

Turkey – Eight turkey farms that produce more than a million birds.

Other Livestock – Varies from elk, alpacas, goats and more.

 Livestock requires tons of feed to support a ranch or farm. Freight trucking is a cost-effective method of transporting all livestock needs. We specialize in building relationships with many carriers. We help save you money by comparing rates from these carriers. Finding the best price and service for your business is our goal. We have dedicated account reps that will work with you. They will help meet and exceed your transportation requirements. 

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Idaho freight shipping

Idaho Freight Shipping Map Idaho is a large and mountainous state with the furthest inland seaport on the west coast. The state is an important agricultural producer in the United States, and in addition to food, Idaho produces lumber, electronics, and gemstones. The roads may be poorly maintained, but Idaho freight shipping is usually inexpensive due to the number of trucks moving through the state. Due to the Lewistown Port, international shipping can be considered. There are two different transcontinental railways passing through the state, and Idaho freight is usually even less expensive when goods are traveling west. LTL freight shipping can be expensive due to the high volume of goods moving out of the state compared to the volume of goods moving in.