North Dakota to Kansas freight shipping

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North Dakota freight shipping

North Dakota Freight Shipping Map

 North Dakota exports an estimated four billion dollars’ worth of goods a year. These exported goods consist mainly of Chemicals, Agricultural Products, Machinery, Oil and Gas. Trade goods are essential to North Dakota’s economy. It is estimated that exports account for almost twenty percent of all jobs in the state. This state has ranked high nationally for percentage of export growth. Freight trucking and rail services provide the majority of transportation services. Shipping exports out of the state will use one of these two services most of the time. Shipping goods to other countries or port of distribution is competitive. Freight carrier rates are always changing for a variety of reasons includes fuel costs. Service areas and capacity hauling can limit options to who can transport your goods on time. Price point of transporting goods is always a primary concern. Most exports operate on thin margins. Freight transportation costs eat into these margins and reduce profitability. Using our services, you can instantly compare costs and delivery times from top carriers. We work hard to align ourselves with dependable trucking and rail companies. These are companies that can service our customer’s needs at a price that works for everyone. Shipping goods from any point in North Dakota is what we do. 

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Kansas freight shipping

Kansas Freight Shipping Map Kansas is a wide and flat state with hills and forests on the eastern edge, and the second largest highway system in the country. Agriculture is a major industry, and most Kansas freight shipping moves by truck and by rail. There are some rural areas in the state, but there are also several major hubs for transportation. Because the state is located in the center of the United States, most Kansas freight shipping rates are quite affordable. The state produces grain crops and meats, but low freight shipping prices can be found year round. Air shipping is best accomplished by first moving goods out of the state.