North Dakota to Michigan freight shipping

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North Dakota freight shipping

North Dakota Freight Shipping Map North Dakota freight trucking is operated on two primary interstate highways. Highway I-94 or interstate 94 runs from east to western North Dakota. Interstate 94 has speed limits that range from fifty-five miles per hour to seventy-five miles per hour. The road offers two lanes each direction for most the state. Three lanes are offered in the Bismarck area.  I-94 is three hundred and fifty-two miles across. Highway I-29 or interstate 29 runs from southern border to the Canadian border.  The interstate is two hundred and seventeen miles long. The speed limit will range from fifty-five miles per hour to seventy-five miles per hour. These two major interstates intersect in Fargo. Interstate road travel is estimated to make up almost twenty-five percent of all miles driven in the US. Trucking services use interstates to transport goods quickly and efficiently between states. Shipping goods from any location to any other location will use interstates. Trucking companies use the interstate system to transport emergency supplies in areas of need. Interstates are a crucial part of supplying all goods through the continental United States. Shipping products in North Dakota is quick and easy using our Freight Quote tool. We have sales agents on staff that schedule freight daily for all North Dakota needs.

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Michigan freight shipping

Michigan Freight Shipping Map Michigan is almost entirely surrounded by the Great Lakes, making it a popular tourist destination as well as a manufacturing hub. Michigan freight shipping is a big part of the local economy, making LTL freight rates easy and affordable. This state is extremely busy, and Michigan freight rates are best when moving goods into the state. The airport in Detroit allows for reasonable air freight rates, and numerous railroads and highways allow for a variety of shipping options. With such extensive coastline shared with the Great Lakes, freight shipping by water is one of the most affordable and versatile options available in the state.