Pennsylvania to Alabama freight shipping

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Pennsylvania freight shipping

Pennsylvania freight shipping map

Pennsylvania has over one million small businesses. Ninety-eight percent of all businesses operating in the state are small businesses. There are nearly two and a half million people employed by these companies. This attributes to over forty-six percent of the private workforce in the state. The industries that small businesses exist in are as follows,

Healthcare and Social Services employ over three hundred and ninety thousand people

Accommodation and Food Services Employ over two hundred and eighty thousand people

Manufacturing employs over two hundred and sixty thousand people

Retail Trade employs over two hundred and forty thousand people

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services employ over one hundred and ninety thousand people

Construction employs over one hundred and eighty thousand people

Wholesale Trade employs over one hundred and thirty thousand people

Administrative, Support, and Waste Management employs over one hundred and thirty thousand people

Finance and Insurance employs over seventy thousand people

Transportation and warehousing employs over seventy thousand people

Educational Services employs over seventy thousand people

Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation employs over fifty thousand people

Real Estate, Rental, and Leasing employs over forty thousand people

Information employs over thirty thousand people

Mining, Quarrying, Oil, and Gas Extraction employs over eleven thousand people

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting employs over two thousand people

Utilities employ over two thousand people

Small businesses can range from one person to five hundred people. These size companies probably don’t have the shipping volume to employ or qualify for freight rate savings. FreightCenter is your one stop logistics company. We have the tools to help companies find the best match for their freight shipping needs. Our services save small companies time and money.

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Alabama freight shipping

Alabama Freight Shipping MapAlabama produces many different resources, both agricultural and industrial, that are shipped by freight. The state has mild winters that make winter freight trucking safer and easier than many other parts of the country. The peak of the outbound Alabama shipping season is the hot summer harvest, but low freight prices can still be found for freight trucks traveling from other locations into the state. The state's major port is located in the city of Mobile on the Gulf Coast, providing an excellent resource for international shipping. Alabama freight can also be shipped on both the rail system and the extensive network of waterways. The northeast portion of Alabama is part of the Appalachian Mountains.