Pennsylvania to Alaska freight shipping

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Pennsylvania freight shipping

Pennsylvania freight shipping map

Pennsylvania ranks number ten in the US for value of exported goods. The state exports around billion dollars annually to other countries. The top countries purchasing exports are Canada, Mexico, China, United Kingdom, and the Netherlands. Nearly fifteen billion dollars’ worth of services is exported annually. Exported goods support over one hundred and ninety thousand jobs. Most of these jobs were manufactured goods production. There are over fourteen thousand small and medium sized companied that export goods.  Foreign owned companies also help employ nearly three hundred thousand Pennsylvanians. The top five countries with US located companies are United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Japan, and France.  There are over six thousand foreign owned entities in Pennsylvania.

England owns over fourteen hundred companies

Germany owns over eight hundred companies

Canada owns over six hundred and sixty companies

Japan owns over five hundred and thirty companies

France owns over four hundred and ninety companies

Switzerland owns over four hundred and thirty companies

Spain owns over two hundred and fifty companies

Netherlands own over two hundred and fifty companies

Ireland owns over two hundred companies

Australia owns over one hundred and twenty companies

Belgium owns over one hundred and fifteen companies

Scotland owns over one hundred and eleven companies

Sweden owns over one hundred and five companies

Mexico owns over ninety-five companies

Italy owns over eighty companies

Bermuda owns over seventy companies

Over thirty additional countries owns companies in Pennsylvania 

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Alaska freight shipping

Alaska Freight Shipping MapAlaska is a sizable and mostly remote area that may potentially require some particular freight shipping solutions. Alaska is removed from the rest of the continental United States by approximately 500 miles. and some of the roads typically used by freight trucks are seasonal. Several areas are not accessible by road, making shipping by air and sea important options to consider. Shipping out of the state is normally associated with lower prices than shipping into the state. However, LTL prices are often higher than air shipping for the same weight. Low prices on Alaska freight shipping into the western regions can be somewhat difficult to find.