Pennsylvania to Connecticut freight shipping

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Pennsylvania freight shipping

Pennsylvania freight shipping map

State Routes were originally used to identify major roads. Problems arose when these routes crossed state lines and often lost their references. US Highways were implemented to keep consistency of road identifiers. The Road identifiers used to change when a road transitioned into a bordering state. US Highways replaced some of the major state routes in Pennsylvania. A system structure of number highways was implemented. East-West routes were awarded odd numbers. Smallest numbers in the north increasing to the south. North-South routes were awarded even numbers. Smallest numbers in the east growing to the west. There are twenty-three US Highways still in use today. Below is the current list of US Highways operating in Pennsylvania.

US Highway 1

US Highway 202

US Highway 6

US Highway 6N

US Highway 206

US Highway 209

US Highway 11

US Highway 13

US Highway 15

US Highway 19

US Highway 119

US Highway 219

US Highway 20

US Highway 220

US Highway 22

US Highway 222

US Highway 322

US Highway 422

US Highway 522

US Highway 224

US Highway 30

US Highway 40

US Highway 62

The US Highway System is important to freight transportation companies. These routes help achieved direct services between major cities, towns and neighboring states. Increased speed limits and fewer stops allow goods to be delivered faster. Our services team up with regional and national carriers. These carriers have experience navigating best routes for optimize service levels.

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Connecticut freight shipping

Connecticut Freight Shipping MapConnecticut is extremely accessible due to the large number of roads and railways through the state. It is also considered to be part of the New York metro area. Many residents of the state commute to New York for work even though Connecticut has some agricultural and industrial output. Connecticut freight shipping out of the state can almost always be found for low prices as there are far more goods moving into the state than going out. The weather is mild and the roads are typically well maintained, although there is sometimes heavy traffic in Connecticut that can slow down shipping. For the most part, LTL shipping is typically affordable due to the volume of goods that move in, out, and through Connecticut.