Pennsylvania to Minnesota freight shipping

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Pennsylvania freight shipping

Pennsylvania freight shipping map

Pennsylvania’s energy sector is divided into four users. The largest user is industrial using almost one third of the energy consumption. Residential, commercial and transportation use nearly equal amounts. The state’s production is primarily in five areas. These are Coal, crude oil, nuclear electric power, renewable energy, and the highest natural gas. Due to the Marcellus Shale production, natural gas is the second largest production in the country. Coal production is ranked fourth in the nation.  Pennsylvania is the only state that produces anthracite coal. This coal is different than other types due to its higher heat value. The nuclear generated electricity is the second highest production in the US. Over thirty-five percent of the state’s electrical generated power is from nuclear. Over half of the state’s household use natural gas as the primary fuel to heat their homes. The following five energy sources are important to the state.


Petroleum is refined into heating oil and motor gasoline. Pennsylvania has refineries that produce nearly half of the east coast’s capacity.

 Natural gas is produced at higher levels only in Texas. Pipelines send natural gas to the Midwest and to the Gulf Coast.

Coal production is in the top five in the nation. The state exports large volume of coal via rail, barge and truck freight.

Electricity ranks in the top three in the US for production. It is a leading supplier for the Mid- Atlantic region of the country.

Renewable energy is growing using hydroelectric and biomass power plants. Wind power contributes to two fifths of the state’s renewable energy.

The energy sector uses equipment and supplies that require freight services. We offer best rates to Pennsylvania utilities supporting energy production. Costs savings can help keep energy supplies affordable for everyone. 

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Minnesota freight shipping

Minnesota Freight Shipping MapMinnesota borders the Great Lakes and Canada and is a northern Midwest state. The center of population and transportation includes the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The majority of Minnesota consists of flat meadows, but there are some forests located in the northernmost regions. The state produces agricultural products, lumber, and a vast array of manufactured goods. Minnesota freight shipping is accomplished in a variety of ways, including road, rail, and water transport. Minnesota freight rates can be quite expensive due to the relative remoteness of the state, even though the state has an active shipping system. LTL freight shipping is particularly expensive due to the lack of quantity of goods moving through the state at any given time.