Pennsylvania to North Carolina freight shipping

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Pennsylvania freight shipping

Pennsylvania freight shipping map

Pennsylvania’s industry sector is fairly diversified. Not one dominates the state like energy production and heavy machinery once did. The top ten industries in the state currently are,

Mining – There are over eight hundred mining companies in Pennsylvania. The state’s mining produces coal, nonmetallic minerals, oil and gas extraction. This industry only accounts for less than one percent of the state’s gdp. Almost one billion US dollars are exported annually from mined products.

Construction and real estate – Thirty four thousand companies employing over three hundred thousand people make up this industry. Residential construction, commercial construction, and heavy and civil construction contribute billions to the state’s gross product.

Manufacturing – The Pennsylvania manufacturing industry includes over sixteen thousand companies. These manufacturing companies produce chemicals, food products, primary metals, and fabricated metals. Fourteen percent of the state’s gpd is from manufacturing.

Wholesale and retail – Sixty-four thousand companies employ almost a million people in the state. Wholesale and retail top contributing products for the state are motor vehicles, drug wholesalers, and grocery wholesalers.

Transportation and Warehousing – Trucking is the largest sub sector of this industry. Trucking accounts for three percent of the state’s gpd. The transportation and warehouse industry contributes billions annually. This industry is impacted by fuel, equipment, technology for logistics, port traffic and shipment flows.

Finance and Insurance- Over eighteen thousand companies with an annual revenue of more than fifteen billion dollars account for this industry. Banks and credit unions along with credit and securities intermediation contribute seven percent to the state’s economy.

Professional Services – Services including compute system design, legal, and engineering are leading producers for Pennsylvania. This industry contributes eight percent towards the state’s economy.

Healthcare – Sub sectors such as ambulance services and hospitals are vital to the state’s economy. Over thirty thousand companies employing seven hundred plus thousand people help make this industry strong for the state.

Tourism – Travel services including arts, entertainment, accommodations and recreation help make up three percent of the gpd. There are more than seven thousand companies employing over one hundred thousand people in the state.

Agriculture – Pennsylvania’s agriculture produces dairy, poultry, floriculture and cattle. Equipment costs and market prices have large impacts on this industry.

 Industries are supported daily by freight services. Moving products and supplies will add costs and affect the profitability of the industry itself. We work hard to keep freight costs competitive. Our services will help every industry reach greater profitability by matching the best solution for all their freight shipping needs.

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North Carolina freight shipping

North Carolina Freight Shipping MapNorth Carolina is a southern state on the Atlantic coast. While the eastern half of the state consists of fertile plains, the western half is quite mountainous. North Carolina freight rates can be quite volatile due to the agriculture, lumber, and manufacturing industries as well as the weather. The coastal location can make North Carolina shipping rates most affordable on the eastern side of the state. Low prices on inbound shipping can often be found during the fall months, when outbound prices increase. Due to low consumption and low volume of goods moving through the state, LTL freight rates can be higher than normal in North Carolina.