Pennsylvania to South Dakota freight shipping

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Pennsylvania freight shipping

Pennsylvania freight shipping map

A major industry in Pennsylvania is Agriculture. There are almost sixty thousand farms producing. They produce on nearly eight million acres of land. Pennsylvania ranks in the top ten in production for the following items.

Agarius mushrooms ranked number one producing over sixty percent of the nation’s supply

Apple ranked fourth in the nation for production

Christmas tree production ranked fourth in the nation for production

Dairy sales ranked fifth in the nation

Grape production ranks fifth in the nation

Winemaking ranks seventh in the nation.

Dairy farming is the largest agriculture product in the state’s industry. The livestock raising equates to almost sixty-eight percent of the state's farm income. The high dairy production ranks the state fourth in milk and ice cream production. Pennsylvania produces the following crops

Corn used for grain (almost seventeen thousand farm producing)

Corn used for silage or greenchop (almost ten thousand farms producing)

Wheat used for grain (over four thousand farms producing)

Oats used for grain (over four thousand five hundred farms producing)

Barley used for grain (over two thousand six hundred farms producing)

Sorghum used for grain (seventy-five farms producing)

Sorghum used silage or greenchop (over five hundred farms producing)

Soybeans for beans (over seven thousand seven hundred farms producing)

Edible dry beans (twenty-one farms producing)

Tobacco (over one thousand three hundred farms producing)

Sunflower seed (thirty farms producing)

Vegetables (over three thousand nine hundred farms producing)

Potatoes (over one thousand three hundred farms producing)

Sweet Potatoes (ninety-three farms producing)

Orchards (over two thousand two hundred farms producing)

Supporting the supplies and crops of farming requires freight transportation of goods. Farm assets such as equipment, feed, seed, or crops are shipped in and out daily or seasonally. These freight costs impact the profitability of a farm. We work with suppliers and growers to minimize the expenses of shipping supplies. Our carriers support every location, ranch, or farm in Pennsylvania.

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South Dakota freight shipping

South Dakota Freight Shipping MapSouth Dakota is a Great Plains state in the northern part of the country. Agriculture plays a major role in the state, as well as tourism to major destinations including Mount Rushmore. The state has extensive rail lines and highways, although harsh winters can make South Dakota freight shipping difficult in some areas. Overall there is a very low volume of goods moving through the state, making South Dakota freight rates quite expensive in the more rural areas. The lowest freight rates can be found near the population centers and railroads. This low volume also makes LTL shipping quite expensive in South Dakota.