Pennsylvania to Virginia freight shipping

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Pennsylvania freight shipping

Pennsylvania freight shipping map

Pennsylvania has a large economy and manufacturing industry. Imports help lower costs of manufacturing. Imported components such as cotton and semiconductors are used by American producers. Almost sixty percent of imported goods into the US are components used by industries. These components support higher level product creation. Imports create service jobs such as insurance, finance, and legal jobs. These jobs help import goods into the states. Freight services also benefit greatly transporting materials and supplies from ports to cities. Listed below are some of the top items imported in the state.


Cell Phones

Crude Oil

Data Processing Machines

Passenger Vehicles



Women’s Clothing

Surgical and Dental Equipment

Frozen Meat

Static Converters and Power Supplies



Mechanical Shovels and Excavators

Digital Processing Units

Pennsylvania relies on many countries to support material and supply needs. Trade agreements help countries sell goods back and forth. They also provide cost benefits to consumers and companies alike. Here are a few of the biggest foreign importers shipping into the state.






South Korea


United Kingdom



Transporting large supplies of imported materials requires logistic services. Our freight services will help companies and individuals save money. We have the knowledge and ability to schedule and complete international shipments. We are professionals at moving shipments across borders. Finding the best match for your Pennsylvania freight shipment is what we do best.

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Virginia freight shipping

Virginia Freight Shipping MapVirginia is located in the center of the Atlantic coast. The eastern half of the state is largely flat, while the western half is part of several mountain ranges including the Appalachian Mountains and the Cumberland Mountains. Virginia has a busy agricultural sector, as well as a large business sector. Four international airports and a busy seaport make international freight shipping affordable on the coast. The major seaport at the Virginia Port of Authority connects to the railway system, making Virginia freight most affordable by rail. Trucking can be difficult in the rugged western half of the state, making most rural Virginia shipping quite expensive. LTL freight is affordable close to the population centers, with shipping prices increasing significantly in more remote areas.