Pennsylvania to West Virginia freight shipping

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Pennsylvania freight shipping

Pennsylvania freight shipping map

Pennsylvania operates twenty-three Interstate Highways. Twelve of the interstate highways are primary routes. The other eleven highways are auxiliary routes. The interstate highways account for one thousand nine hundred and fifty-three miles. These miles make up three percent of all the roadways in the state. Almost one in four cars in daily traffic is on the interstate system. Here is the list of current interstate highways in use in Pennsylvania,

Interstate 70 or I-70 runs from West Virginia through the state and exits into Maryland

Interstate 76 or I-76 runs from Ohio through Pennsylvania and exits into New Jersey

Interstate 78 or I-78 runs from Union Township to New Jersey

Interstate 79 or I-79 runs from the West Virginia border to Bayfront Parkway in Erie

Interstate 80 or I-80 runs from Ohio through the state and exits into New Jersey

Interstate 81 or I-81 runs from the Maryland Border to the New York Border

Interstate 83or I-83 runs from Maryland to Harrisburg

Interstate 84 or I-84 runs from Dumore to the New York Border

Interstate 86 or I-86 runs from Greenfield Township to New York

Interstate 90 or I-90 runs from Ohio to New York through Pennsylvania

Interstate 95 or I-95 runs from Delaware to New Jersey

Interstate 99 or I-99 runs from Bedford to Bellefonte

Pennsylvania’s auxiliary highways are as short as a mile and a half. They can also be as long as one hundred and thirty-two miles. They currently maintain ten auxiliary routes and have three additional ones proposed. Here is a list of the current active routes,

Interstate 176 or I-176 runs from Morgantown to Reading

Interstate 180 or I-180 runs from Williamsport to Milton

Interstate 276 or I-276 runs from King of Prussia to New Jersey

Interstate 279 or I-279 runs from Pittsburg to Franklin Park

Interstate 283 or I-283 runs from Highspire to Harrisburg

Interstate 376 or I-376 runs from Shenango Township to Monroeville

Interstate 380 or I-380 runs from Tunkhannock Township to Dunmore

Interstate 476 or I-476 runs from Woodlyn to Clarks Summit

Interstate 579 or I-579 runs from Pittsburg to I-279

Interstate 676 or I-676 runs from I-76 in Philadelphia to I-676 in Philadelphia

 Shipping products throughout Pennsylvania using freight services will use the interstate highways. These routes help reduce delivery times between destinations such as city to city and state to state. 

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West Virginia freight shipping

West Virginia Freight Shipping MapWest Virginia is a state located primarily in the Appalachian Mountains. The lowlands see mild winters and hot summers, while the higher elevations are prone to large amounts of snow. The cornerstone of the economy is the coal mining industry. The extensive railroad system formed as a result of the coal industry, and most West Virginia freight moves by rail. Trucking can be difficult in the extremely mountainous areas, and West Virginia freight shipping prices reflect this difficulty. However, there is an extensive highway system in the state. LTL freight shipping can be difficult to find for an affordable price due to the low volume of goods moving through the state.