The Great Fureight Purrsuit


Congrats to our winner:


Frankie Freight Center Cat Mascot


Suits my older brother

Likes: Snuggling and cozy blankets

Hint: I'm the oldest and wisest so therefore I know all about freight AND parcel.


Doodey my sidekick

Fave food: Warm milk and cat treats

Hint: I'm a city boy, born and raised. That's where you'll find me, always. 


Cappy my little brother

Likes: Biting my ears! Ouch!

Hint: I come from a long line of construction workers, and am dang proud of it!


Pepper my lady friend

Fave sleeping spot: Clean human clothes, straight out of the dryer

Hint: I've been trying to start up this Etsy shop for toy mice, so I spend a lot of my time getting info on small business shipping.


Noodle my cousin

Likes: Birdwatching through the window

Hint: They don't call me Noodle for nothing! I'm a hungry boy and spend much of my time drooling over food.


Frankie that's me!

Current world record holder for best mouse catcher ever! Toy mice, that is.

Hint: I'm quite popular and don't blame you for wanting to know all ABOUT me.