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Grains are dry seeds that are harvested for consumption. Grains have type main types cereals and legumes. Cereals are grain crops that consist of warm and cool season cereals. Warm season cereals include millets, fonio, sorghum, maize and Job’s tears. Cool season cereals are barley, oats, rice, rye, spelt, teff, triticale, wheat and wild rice. Pulses make up most of the grain legumes. Pulses include chickpeas, bean varieties, lentils, lupins, peanuts, pigeon peas and soybeans. Oil seed grains are cultivated for their oils. These oils are edible and used in fuel and lubrications. Three families make up oil seeds. They include the mustard family, aster family and other families. Grains are small, hard and dry. Grains are stored, measured and transported daily. Excess grain production is used to supply food to areas of the world without food supplies.

Transporting these foods is a daily need. Transportation of grains is done by freight or rail in the domestic US. Container shipping is used for exporting of grains. Transportation costs have big effects on the agricultural pricing. The more the transportation costs are the less money the grain producers make. The United States if the world’s top grain producer. The main grains produced in the US are corn, soybeans and wheat. Freight trucking have cost advantages for shorter distances shipping grains. Rail transportation have best rates when shipping grains longer distances. Barges have the best rates shipping grains by water routes. Barge shipping have limitations due to rivers.

When looking for the best pricing available, you need to shop around. Our online freight quote does this shopping for you. It will compare available rates from top United States carriers. The quote feature is easy to use and free of charge. The results will provide your cost savings and estimated delivery times. You can do all this online including booking the shipment. We also have inside sales agents that can take your call. These agents are available to assist with best practices and recommendations. Shipping grains with FreightCenter is easy. You will save time and money. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Us States Shipping Grains the Most

Most of the Domestic grain in the United States are produced in just 5 states. These states are Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri and Wisconsin. These states make up almost half of all US corn and soybean production. The top five corn producing states are referred to as the “Corn Belt”. These states are Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota and Indiana. US wheat production is produced in northern and central plains. Idaho, Oregon and Washington State also produce significant quantity of wheat. The US is the world’s largest agricultural exporter. Worldwide demand has created a large demand to export grains at large volumes. Large portions of the demand come from animal consumption as feed.

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