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Our carriers make every attempt to deliver your freight safely intact, but in case of damage or loss learn how to file a claim and prevent damage.

What is considered damage?

The proof of delivery must have “damage” or “missing pieces” notated and written by your consignee. To be considered damaged, the contents of your freight should show evidence of breakage, marring, scratching, staining and other abnormal damage caused by the shipping process alone. Improper packaging or packaging failure may null and void protection.

Why did my shipment arrive damaged?

Damage and loss occurs most likely due to packaging failure. Exposed corners of boxes, furniture and any palletized items are vulnerable to breakage, scratching and marring of the finish or surface. Damage and loss can occur any number of ways: road conditions, weather, accidents, etc.

How to file a claim

Step 1: Accept the damaged shipment. Failure to accept the shipment will delay the claim process.

Step 2: Mark the Proof of Delivery document with a notation that the contents are "damaged" or "missing".

Step 3: Log in to your account and go to My FreightCenter. Click on the "File Claim" link next to the shipment in question. If your shipment was handled by Pilot Freight Services, you will need to contact our Resolutions Department by email to open a Damage Claim Ticket.

Step 4: Wait for the carrier to walk you through its specific claim process or wait for a Resolutions team member to

Please Note: The damage claim process may take anywhere from 30 to a full 120 days. Pictures and manufacturer's documentation or receipt showing value may help our carriers expedite the process.

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