Getting Started with Freight Insurance

Learn more about insuring your freight.

What is freight insurance?

Freight insurance is a supplemental service option that ensures additional coverage. You can choose to purchase freight insurance during the booking process.

How to get a Quote with insurance

Supplemental insurance is offered by a third-party provider, Falvey Insurance.

To get started, simply add insurance to your freight quote during Step 2 (Shipment Details) of the booking process.

Please note: Insurance can only be added to non-residential shipments and is at times not available for specific freight classes. If the insurance box does not show up when you go to book your quote, than additional insurance coverage is not eligible on your shipment.

Alternative Insurance Options:

1. Contact your business insurance company and request Cargo Rider insurance be added to your existing policy.

2. Contact an insurance broker, such as or, online.

3. Contact an insurance provider directly. AGCS and LLoyds of London are two popular options for supplemental freight cargo insurance.

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