How to Package

Learn the proper way to securely package contents for freight shipping.

Can I ship my motorcycle uncrated?

Yes. Our motorcycle shipping specialists have custom pallets that allow for the safe transportation and safe loading and unloading.

Does FreightCenter sell or provide packaging materials?

No. Your driver does not carry with him items used to properly package your freight. Before the arrival of your driver, your package should be secured to a pallet and/or protected from damage.

How do I ship unpackaged furniture?

The safest mode of shipment is to use white glove or blanket wrap service. At an additional cost, this shipping option includes secure packaging by a professional and safe delivery by truck.

Where can I purchase packaging materials?

Packaging materials can be found at any home improvement store or parcel shipping store (like the UPS Store).

How to Find Packaging Materials

Packaging materials can be found at any home improvement store or parcel shipping store (like the UPS Store).

Several online shippers, like UPS and FedEx, sell packaging materials as well.

How to Package a Shipment

For a step-by-step guide on how to package contents for freight shipping, ask your booking agent for a PDF guide to packaging.

Still need help? Read more about packaging.

How to Package Furniture

For a detailed advice on the best way to package furniture for freight transportation, please use our furniture packaging guidelines as a reference.

How to Ship Tires & Wheels

Packaging tires and wheels for shipping is easy. Whether you're shipping tires with rims or wheels alone, the carrier prefers they be strapped to a pallet or boxed.

Get a free, instant freight quote online or give an agent a call at 800-716-7608 and we'll be happy to walk you through the process.

What's the best way to package my freight?

There are many combinations used to properly package freight and ensure the safety of its contents. All freight should be packaged, boxed, crated or stacked and secured onto pallets with banding, shrink-wrap or breakaway adhesive. Labels should be placed on every freight piece. Improper packaging may nullify the carrier's liability for damage claims or loss.

Carriers will not pick up loose items (e.g., sofa wrapped in plastic). Shipments consisting of multiple boxes; shipments each weighing more than 200 lbs; and shipments of heavy machinery or equipment should be securely placed on a pallet or in a crate so that driver can easily load onto the truck with a pallet jack.

Ask your local grocer or supermarket store manager if they can provide you with an unused pallet.

The following are some examples of commodities that should be crated and placed on a pallet or boxed and strapped to a pallet with shrink wrap:

Heavy Equipment
Washing Machines/ Dryers
Lawn Mowers
Tables/ Desks/ Chairs

Packaging Guidelines
For additional packaging advice, please contact our Special Services department at or by phone at 877-545-4770.

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