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How to Get a Quote

More information and frequently asked questions about how to get freight quotes with FreightCenter.

Compare Freight Rates

Learn how to get an online carrier comparison and free freight quote through FreightCenter

Can I Call to Get a Quote?

Yes, but keep in mind that your dedicated booking agent will process your quote whether you call or decide to quote and book online.

Do Quotes Expire?

Yes. Quotes are based on freight class, dimensions and weight, but pricing is also subject to fuel price fluctuation. Due to fluctuating fuel costs, a rate or quote is only considered valid for 24 hours whether it is received online or by phone. Online rates are subject to change in less than 24 hours. Phone rates may be higher or lower than online rates due to changes in capacity, stowability, weather, or other unforeseen events that impact transportation. In order to lock in the discounted rate, the details of your shipment need to be 100% accurate and the shipment needs to be booked within 24 hours of receiving your quoted rate online or by phone.

How Do I Add Another Item to My Quote?

Click the +Add Another Item button on the quick quote form to include an item of a different packaging type, weight, dimensions or freight class.

Ex: If you’re shipping 1 pallet and 2 boxed or crated items, add the pallet shipment details first and click Add Another Item to enter the details for the other packaged items.

Need a Quote?

Do you need a freight quote? Start by entering your pickup, delivery and shipment details on our Quick Quote screen. You will be prompted to log in to your FreightCenter account. After sign in, your Quick Quote Results will instantly appear.

What Is a Freight Class?

According to the National Motor Freight Transportation Association, Inc., there are 18 freight classes that evaluate a commodity based on an evalution of 4 characteristics: density, stowability, handling and liability.

If you do not know your freight classification, please contact or call 800.716.7608.

What Quantity Should I Enter?

Quantity is based on the number of identical packaged items.

Ex: If you’re shipping 3 boxes that all have the same (identical) weight, dimensions and freight class, enter a “3” for the Quantity. If the weight, dimensions and freight class are different for all 3 packaged items, enter a “1” for the Quantity and use the Add Another Item button to enter the details for the remaining package items before you get your quote.

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