How to Ship

Learn how to book and schedule a shipment with your FreightCenter account.

Are there additional fees for residential shipping?

Yes. There are residential delivery fees that apply to freight shipping to a primarily non-commercial location. This includes apartments, residences, farms, estates, remote locations, and possibly even schools and churches. The cost to ship can also change when delivering to a limited access location (i.e., construction sites, military bases, camps and storage facilities). Be sure to ask your FreightCenter representative if you are unsure if your location would fall into one of the above categories.

Are transit times guaranteed?

Freight transit times are not guaranteed unless specifically noted on the freight quote option you select when booking you shipping rates. All other delivery times are estimates only that cannot be guaranteed, though they are normally reliable. Freight shipping transit times begin the day after picking up your freight.

Can I schedule a pickup or delivery for the weekend?

Weekend pickup and delivery is dependent on your location and your choice of carrier. In some cases, additional charges may apply. Choose "Expedited" services if your shipment requires delivery on a weekend day.

Can I ship to a trade show?

Yes, our carriers are experts in shipping in time for trade shows, exhibitions and/or expos. Shipment can be to a warehouse or directly to the show, depending upon the date and number of transit days. Trade show shipments can be picked up from and/or delivered to the show site outside regular business hours only when the show dates demand alternative scheduling.

Do I need to be present at pickup?

Yes, the person whose name is on the FreightCenter BOL must be present when the driver arrives to sign the BOL and to load the shipment onto the truck.

Does FreightCenter ship cars?

FreightCenter no longer handles the shipping of cars and trucks.

How do I find my freight class?

The National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) number corresponds to the combination of weight, value, density, damage threshold and ease of transport. All items have been specifically classified and assigned a category code by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association. Select your freight class with FreightCenter's Freight Class Lookup Tool located on the Quick Quote page. If you can't find your item, a FreightCenter agent can determine an accurate freight class for your shipment.

How do I find the total weight of my shipment?

It is crucial to determine the most accurate weight for the freight items you are shipping and not just estimate an approximate weight. Freight carriers can choose to re-weigh your item at any point during the transportation process. If an inaccurate weight is used, you can be re-billed at the carrier’s non-discounted rate for the difference. Estimating weight can dramatically increase your total cost to ship. Total weight includes the packaging used for your commodity (crate, pallet, tape, shrink wrap, boxes, etc.).

How do I weigh my package?

Estimating the weight of your shipment is not advised. Depending on the total weight of your package, a freight scale may be required to accurately obtain the weight of your freight. FreightCenter’s carriers and their drivers have the authority to weigh your shipment at the time of pickup or at any time before reaching the destination. Any inaccuracies in weight will be settled with a rebill of the difference in weight – higher or lower.

How far in advance should I schedule a pickup?

Depending on the time of booking in your time zone, we can try to arrange for same-day pickup. Always speak to a FreightCenter agent directly for special arrangements and urgent bookings. Please allow a 4-hour window of time for freight pickup, and note that most shipping companies make pickups in the afternoon and spend their mornings with freight deliveries.

Is residential insurance available?

Insurance is not available for household items shipped to or from a residence.

What are estimated transit times?

Transit times are dependent on location, destination, service options, mode of transportation, weather and carrier chosen at the time of booking. FreightCenter makes every effort to offer the most cost effective mode of transportation.

What is curbside pickup?

If picking up from a residence or a business without a loading dock, the driver will only be responsible for curbside pickup. Generally speaking, the truck will not enter a driveway or road with limited access. Curbside pickup implies that your freight is ready for pickup when it is properly packaged and placed at the curb. Payment for any additional services like carrying boxes or pallets to the curb will be billed separately, generating a re-bill.

Where can I find a carrier terminal?

Your booking agent can tell you the closest terminals to your location and/or destination. You can also perform a quick search online. Search for the carrier name and your zip code.

Why is insurance not offered?

Insurance is available for commercial shipments not exceeding $10,000 in insured value. Insurance is not available to residential shipments. The industry-standard liability cargo insurance coverage offered by all LTL carriers booked through is 10¢ a pound. In addition, FreightCenter offers its customers the ability to purchase supplementary freight insurance through our partner Falvey Insurance. You may add this supplemental insurance during the freight quote and booking process. Due to the strict limitations on insured value versus actual retail value, some items should not be shipped via freight. Examples of certain types of fragile commodities include but are not limited to: original artwork, plasma TVs, vehicles etc.

Will the driver help load or pack?

No. Drivers will not provide moving services or indoor pickup unless the customer purchases these services at an additional cost. The driver is solely responsible for the safe and timely pickup and delivery of your package from location to location. The driver will not package your freight, bring extra boxes, drop off a pallet or help carry freight to the truck. Moving or packaging services (white glove and first mile) may be available at an additional cost, but not every carrier offers these types of service options.

Does FreightCenter help with loading and unloading?

Unless a specific service or equipment is requested, a driver will only load and unload from the truck to the curb. Using a pallet jack or forklift, the driver or the shipper will lift the palletized freight into and out of the truck. Your FreightCenter account manager can help you select the best service and equipment that meets the your shipping needs and expectations. Services and equipment, such as white glove service, inside pickup or liftgate equipment, can make the shipping experience much easier for residential customers or occasional shippers.

How to Select White Glove Service

White glove service is a special accessorial or added service charge used when shipping a non-traditional LTL shipment of household furniture. With this service, minimum packaging is required for transit.
White glove service includes:

Inside Pickup or Delivery
Shipments up to 11 pieces total or 1,500 lbs

Fragile, glass or mirrored items must be crated or risk breakage Items that can’t be shipped from or to a residence:

Spa/Hot Tub
Unpackaged glass or marble

How to Choose First Mile

Customers who choose to pay additional for these services have special pickup or delivery needs. First mile refers to services wherein the driver is needed for inside pickup, packaging and dismantling, stair carries and more. Final mile refers to the opposite wherein the driver is needed for inside delivery, removal of packaging materials, assembly or setup and more.

Each carrier has its own restrictions on what is included in the first and final mile service option. The following is a list of services that could be included in the price of your shipment at an additional cost:

Inside pickup or delivery
Pickup or delivery locations that require a lift gate or stair climbs
Dismantling, assembly, setup or installation of product
Inventory and damage inspection

How to Select Final Mile Service

Customers who choose to pay additional for these services have special pickup or delivery needs. First mile refers to services wherein the driver is needed for inside pickup, packaging and dismantling, stair carries and more. Final mile refers to the opposite wherein the driver is needed for inside delivery, removal of packaging materials, assembly or setup and more.

How to Ship to Limited Access Locations

A Limited Access Fee applies when an appointment time is necessary or an area is inaccessible by truck. The following locations are classified as having limited access:

Commercial establishments not open to the walk-in public during normal business hours
Construction sites
Fairs and Carnivals
Military bases/ Installations
Mine sites
Mini-Storage Facilities

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