Kinds of freight

Learn the difference between types of freight.

LTL or "Less Than a Truck Load"


  • The most popular means of transporting freight
  • Typically the least expensive means of transporting a shipment
  • Ideal for well packed items that weight up to approximately 8,000 pounds
  • Many major US carriers offering nationwide services
  • Predictable, reliable and timely
  • Average delivery 3 - 7 days; however, this is not guaranteed


Partial Truck Load


  • Economical means of moving a medium size load
  • Often booked by volume and or running feet of truck
  • Partitioned
  • Same truck pickup and same truck delivery


TL or "Truck Load"


  • More often than not a load that is greater than 8,000 pounds or requires a large volume of space needed
  • Sometimes used for medium size load that the shipper does not want unloaded and reloaded as it would be with LTL. The truck that picks up the shipment will be the same one that delivers it
  • In many cases the time of transit is less with a dedicated truck (it's faster than LTL)
  • Can also be used it the items would other wise require packing. Medium size loads may cost more than an LTL shipment, but they will remain on the same truck and the shipper avoids having to fully pack everything


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