When to use freight

Learn when your shipment qualifies as freight.

Any shipment can be sent freight in the United States. The cost of shipping small or light weighted items usually doesn’t justify the mode. Parcel services like UPS and FedEx set weight and dimensional limitations. Freight is used for shipments that fall outside these limitations. Freight is also used when volume of product is being transported from one specific destination to another. The price savings on large volume shipments is best achieved with LTL or FTL services. Freight services are also used when it comes to specific handling requirements such as refrigeration.  As a general rule, your shipment will ship freight if any of the following instances exist,

  •  Your item weighs over 150 pounds
  • The packaging of the item exceeds 165 inches in girth and length
  • The package is over 108 inches in length
  • You have multiple items of a combined weight and dimension going to the same destination
  • Your item requires special handling or has transportation restrictions

How do I tell what I'm shipping is "freight"?

A FreightCenter account manager can assist you in classifying your freight and determining whether or not freight is the appropriate shipping method. To put it simply, packaged items that weigh more than 150 lbs can be shipped via freight.

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