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Commercial trucking is a paid service that transports goods between locations. There are many commercial trucking companies in the United States. Some of these companies specialize in individual services and other in volume services. Companies will operate under a name such as YRC and own many tractor trailers. These companies employ drivers, warehouse personal and logistic people to operate. They sell their hauling services to individuals or companies. These are orders that require products to be transported to other locations. Most large commercial trucking companies require a minimum shipping volume per month. These volumes are necessary to maintain an account. The cost of shipping with these companies will often be based upon the monthly volume you ship. If you are a one-time shipper or don’t maintain a shipping volume requirement, a 3PL might be your solution. Freight Center is a 3PL or Third Party Logistic company. We maintain shipping volume discounts with major commercial trucking companies. Our qualified discounts are available to our customers who need to ship freight.

We provide freight and trucking services for small businesses. We also service large enterprises, and local, state and federal agencies, as well as the United States Military. The individual one time or first time shipper are not forgotten with our services. Volume discounts are available for all our clients. We partner with more than 80 U.S. freight carriers who offer discount freight rates. They provide freight services to and from any point within the United States. They also handle shipping to any international destination. Residential and commercial locations are both serviced. Some residential services may require a lift gate. Our in house freight agents are available to assist you. They help with any special shipping requirements. All requests for freight quotes are welcome. No restrictions on size, location or destination.

Our Freight Experts are trained to ask you the right questions. They ensure that you receive the best carrier with the right combination of services. They will also find a price to meet your commercial trucking needs.

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