FreightCenter provides web-based widgets for those that ship freight-weighed items. Do you have an eBay account and need freight rates for your customers? Hidden or unknown freight costs are a leading contributor to an Ebay auction not selling. Are you a customer that needs to arrange shipping to get your items? Our eBay shipping calculator let's you quickly provide freight rates to customers by pasting a few simple lines of code into your eBay listing. Customers can instantly quote freight shipping prices by entering a destination zip code, giving them more assurance and security when bidding on your items. With our freight calculator, the seller or the buyer can arrange the freight shipping. As a seller, you may include the charges into the item or sell the item as a local pick up only. As the buyer, you can easily schedule a freight truck to go to any destination in the US. Residential pickups may require a lift gate. Paying for the shipment is easy as either party. We accept all major credit cards. Check out more information about our freight shipping calculators.

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