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Ecommerce Shipping

Learn how to apply our eBay freight shipping calculator to your auction listing

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eBay Freight Shipping

While it may seem that eBay is limiting sellers to just two shipping choices, that is not the case. You can choose any freight carrier or 3PL (such as FreightCenter) to ship the items you sell on eBay. Choosing FreightCenter as your shipping company can save your customers money and help you earn more sales. See how eBay sellers get their best deals on shipping  

eCommerce Freight Shipping Calculator

FreightCenter provides web-based widgets for companies that sell via eCommerce and need those items shipped. These freight-shipping calculators are free to use on your online store(s). You can even customize the calculator to provide your business with a share of the shipping profit. Learn how to add a customized calculator to your eCommerce store See more terms
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