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Freeze Protection Services

Freeze protection services make sure your temperature-sensitive freight is protected when your freight passes through extremely cold regions.

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What Are Freeze Protection Services?

Freeze protection is a service provided by many carriers to prevent freight from being exposed to frigid temperatures. You can’t control what the weather will be like across state lines, so being cognizant of the path your freight is likely to travel —say, from Florida to California, but must pass through a blizzard in Colorado—is important to guarantee that your temperature-sensitive freight is prepared. Rest assured that with freeze protection your temperature-sensitive cargo will arrive to its final destination uncompromised.

Is My Freight Susceptible to Freezing?

Some common commodities that might be prone to freezing are:
  • Dyes
  • Paints
  • Glues
  • Pastes
  • Grease/Oils
  • Cleaning Detergents
  • Solutions
  • Inks
  • Glycerol
Electronics and wood furniture are also sensitive to extreme changes in weather. Since many items are freezable, but not all items are covered by freeze protection services, make sure you ask your freight agent where your cargo falls before booking a shipment.

What Do Freeze Protection Services Include

The carrier you select will determine exactly which freeze protection services are offered with your freight shipment. Freeze protection services can include a wide array of features, including: Protective pallet blankets, heated trailers, and expediting time-sensitive shipments. Some special handling procedures that are offered by various carriers include:
  • Designating sheltered areas to hold freezable freight during severe weather
  • Labeling shipments and Bills of Lading to easily identify freezable goods
  • Monitoring weather forecasts using AccuWeather
  • Adhering to carrier guidelines for protecting goods while in transit and over weekends
  • Using warm rooms when needed

Keep Your Cargo Cozy

Be sure to consult with your FreightCenter agent to ensure you are matched with a carrier that can meet all your freeze protection and freight needs. Most importantly, triple check that your freight’s specific freeze protection requirements are printed clearly on your Bill of Lading. Your freight goes through a lot when it’s on the road. Make sure you’re covered. Get a free instant quote with us now. Look Up More Freight Terms
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