Freight Calculator

We offer two different ways to calculate freight rates online. You can use our Quick Quote form to run rates, or run rates from your own website with our freight calculator. We just need a few shipment details in order to provide the most accurate online freight estimate. Keep in mind, if you're ever unsure about your item's weight or freight class to contact our customer service department.

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How to set up

When creating a freight calculator, you will enter the origin zip code and location type, weight, dimensions and freight class. Then when your customer uses the freight calculator on your website or in an eBay auction, all they have to enter is their zip code and location type to compare the cost of shipping freight.

Zip codes - The carrier needs to know how far the drop off location is from the pickup location. This helps determine fuel costs, tolls and any other restrictions or fees.

Location Types - This helps determine required accessorials, if needed. If your location type is a residence, you are required to have a lift gate in most cases.

Weight - Ever see those weigh stations on major highways? Truck drivers are required to keep their loads under certain weight maximums. Each shipment is carefully weighed by the carrier before long hauls and any discrepancy will be charged to the customer.

Dimensions - The space your shipment takes up is very important to how your shipment is transported and by what carrier. Some items over a certain length may require a partial or full truckload.

Freight Class - This number is calculated by a number of factors. It is a classified number; however, our customer service department has the ability to classify freight on your behalf.