Freight Transportation

A freight center is a general term describing a place where freight shipping occurs. We took FreightCenter as our name because our company helps arrange freight shipments for customers. Although we operate online and do not physically handle freight shipments, we are able to orchestrate logistics through a number of our partner carriers.

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LTL freight quotes are determined by a number of differing factors.
Our freight experts are trained to understand them all, as well as how they can affect your quote.

Size and Weight - The size or dimensions and weight of a shipment are two of the most important factors that determine a LTL freight quote. It’s important to remember that the packaging should be included in the total weight.

Freight Class - The freight industry classifies commodities by type, known as freight class. Freight classes are determined by the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) and are based on stowability, size and weight, and commodity type.

Lane - A lane is determined by the pickup and delivery locations. There is typically a fuel surcharge associated with each lane that changes weekly according to fuel costs.

Accessorials - Accessorial services are additional services that go beyond normal pickup and delivery. These can include services such as liftgate delivery, call-ahead notification, inside delivery, packing or unpacking, and residential deliveries.