Freight Shipping Calculator Definition

FreightCenter provides web-based apps for those who ship large items. This tool allows users to create an easy to use freight shipping calculator and place it directly on their website or eBay listing. The instant shipping calculator will be a huge help with eBay users that operate online stores that specialize in selling large items that will not work to ship with a small parcel services. The shipping widget can also be used by website store owners to allow customers to estimate shipping costs fast without leaving your site.

The widget requires only that customers register for a free account and then enter the details of the item they want to ship as well as the origin zip code. They then paste the code directly into their website or their auction listing. Customers need to only enter the zip code they want the item to go to, and prices are provided instantly.

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Getting Started

How do I make a custom calculator? It’s simple! To create your own freight shipping calculator you will need to register for a free account, and then simply click “make a calculator”. From there you need to enter the details that you know (origin postal code, origin extra services and location type, destination extra services, packaging, quantity, weight, dimensions, class). You will then get a code, paste that code into your website and you’re done! Your customers can know see the lowest rate we offer to ship your items.

What information can my customer see? They can’t see anything other than the quoted price, estimated transit time, and the selected carrier. You have the option to put a profit margin on the shipping calculator that will total in the “shipping cost.” That way your customer won’t see that you marked up the price.

Who would use a shipping calculator? Our freight shipping calculator is intended for individuals and businesses looking for a simple way for displaying shipping quotes to customers. This widget gives you power of instant quotes to your customers just by pasting your special code on to your website or auction listing.

Why would I use a freight shipping calculator? By using our shipping calculator online it will provide your customers with everything they need before they buy the item and back out because shipping costs are too high. We provide all the information your customers need to know upfront. Quick and easy.

Do more with FreightCenter

By using FreightCenter’s online freight shipping calculator you’re doing more than putting codes on your website. You’re giving your customers shipping solutions without having them leave your website.