Moving Freight

FreightCenter has arranged freight transportation within the continental United States since 1998. As a freight logistics company we provide competitive rates and find the most effective route to transport your freight. Our instant quote form allows you to compare multiple carrier rates, deliver your paper work and track your shipments all in one place. Additionally, we offer a wide variety of freight moving services.

We make moving LTL and truckload freight quick and easy. LTL shipping or less than truckload shipping is the transportation of moderately small freight. In order for full truckloads to be moved economically the entire truck needs to be filled. LTL freight allows you to “hitch” a ride on unfilled trucks, allowing you to pay for only the portion you need.

Moving freight by air, rail or ocean is equally as easy using Our knowledgeable freight agents can work with both national and international freight carriers, forwarders and moving specialists to ensure you get the best deal possible.

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