Parcel Shipping Requirements

Should I ship through parcel or freight?

That depends on how big your shipment is. There are a few standard criteria that a shipment must meet to be considered for parcel shipping:

  • Packages must weigh less than 150 pounds.
  • Packages must be less than 165 inches in combined length and girth.
  • Packages must be less than 108 inches in length. If the length is 108 inches, the girth must not be more than 67 inches.
  • Packages usually weigh more in a smaller space, or in other words, the packages are denser than others. For example, shipping 10 pounds of feathers would cost more than shipping 10 pounds of rocks, due to how much more space the feathers would take up.

You can visit our page on How to Properly Measure Your Parcel to learn how to measure your parcel like a pro. If your shipment doesn’t meet these criteria, it will be subject to oversize fees which can add up quick. The best solution would be to quote your package using both parcel and freight services and deem which method works best for you. Both methods have their benefits and drawbacks and so it comes down to assessing what your needs and priorities are for the shipment.

How can I ship a parcel?

Well, we’re glad you asked! FreightCenter is known to ship freight but did you know we can also ship parcel? We’re your one stop shop shipping solution! Gone are the days of having to deal with multiple quotes from multiple carriers, just let FreightCenter handle it from start to finish!

What is parcel delivery?

Parcel delivery is the delivery of parcels. Imagine that! It’s a service that’s provided by most postal systems, private package delivery services, and less than truckload carriers (hint hint, that’s us).

What are the benefits of parcel shipping?

Small packages mean more attentive care in making sure each package arrives at its destination. Because of the number of checkpoints a small package must pass, it’s easier to detect if it’s lost or off track. Parcels are also easy to reassign to a different truck or carrier, which allows for competitive discounted rates.

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