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Cancel a Shipment

More information and frequently asked questions about how to cancel a shipment with FreightCenter.

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How to Cancel a Shipment

Cancelling an order can be done at any time prior to the load being picked up. The fastest way to ensure your scheduled shipment is cancelled is to call us directly. Freight agents are on staff six days a week to assist you. They have the ability to easily reschedule pickup days and time. They will also help change load specific information if the situation changed. You may also use your online account to cancel your shipment request as well. This service is available twenty four hours a day seven days a week. Follow these steps to begin the cancellation process if you prefer to do it online.

Log in to your FreightCenter account using your email address and password. These are the same ones you used when the free freight quote account was created.

You will then be directed automatically to your “MY FREIGHTCENTER” page.

Under the “MY BOOKINGS” paragraph, you will see your shipments that are in process. You will see headers that read Shipment ID, Quote Date, Origin, and more.

The last header will read CANCEL. Click on the “X” next to the booking that you want to cancel.

You will be directed to another screen to complete the cancellation.

Retain all paperwork referencing your cancel request. Please keep in mind that a 15% cancellation and processing fee gets applied to all cancelled shipments.

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