Estimated Delivery

Find out more information on estimated delivery dates and transit times about our freight carriers.

What is estimated delivery?

 An estimated delivery date is a target date the product should arrive at it's destination. These dates are calculated by the carriers based upon past history of transporting loads from similar destinations. Various factors can change the dates such as truck or driver availability. There are also unforeseen delays caused by road conditions and weather. Day of pick up will also greatly effect your estimated day of delivery. Early morning pickups versus end of day pickups may add an additional day to delivery. This factor is not usually taken into consideration for your initial delivery day quote. If a specific day and time of delivery is required, do not assume the estimated delivery day is a guarantee.



How do I get an exact day of delivery?

Get a guarantee if a freight shipment is critical to arriving on a specific date and time. Trade shows, emergency supplies, and perishable goods often require a specific day of delivery. If this is the case, choose the "Guaranteed" option when booking your quote. This service option comes at an extra cost, which is determined by the carrier. Unless an accident or other unforeseen delay occurs, guaranteed freight will arrive on the exact day chosen by you. When booking your order please give clear and specific instructions on your shipment requirements. 



How to Reschedule a Missed Delivery


If the driver did not arrive on your date of delivery and you were not notified by FreightCenter, please contact your booking agent immediately so we can reschedule with the driver. Unforeseen delays occur due to road and weather conditions and our drivers make every attempt to notify us when they are unable to meet the delivery window. Requesting a carrier to call prior to making a delivery is an option. Not every business operates a delivery dock all hours of the day. Having a shipment delivery to a freight terminal and pick up at your convenience is another way to avoid missed deliveries. Our freight agents will assist with specific requirements such as these.

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