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Freight Class

More information and frequently asked questions about freight class.

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Help With Freight Classes

Also referred to as a NMFC number. A freight class defines the type of commodity you are shipping.

What Is a Freight Class?

According to the National Motor Freight Transporation Association, Inc., a freight class refers to the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) number and it is the category of your freight as defined by the NMFC.

If you do not know your specific freight class, please contact your agent or or by phone 800.716.7608.

What Is Noi Pricing?

There are some commodities or combinations of transportation characteristics that have not been classified by a NMFC number or freight class. In these special cases, a Not On Index (NOI) calculation based on Pounds per Cubic Foot (PPCFT) can be used to determine the cost to ship your freight.

To obtain a NOI calculation, please contact your agent or or call 800.716.7608.

Determine Freight Class

NMFTA or the National Motor Freight Traffic Association developed categories defining various types of commodities in order to standardize the way carriers set freight rates. These commodities are grouped by a number between 50 and 500. This number or class corresponds to the item(s) being shipped.

Freight class is based on four main characteristics, which are:

Density: Weight per cubic foot.

Freight Stowability: The placement and space required.

Handling: The amount of care required to transport the item safely.

Liability: Based on shipment value and the cost to replace in the event of theft, damage, breakage or spoilage.

If you have questions regarding your freight class, a FreightCenter Agent can help you. Simply call 800.716.7608 for immediate assistance.

Freight Class Calculator

Since your freight class is determined by a shipment’s density and volume, FreightCenter has developed a density calculator to help guide you.

Use our Density Calculator to determine your shipment density or pounds per cubic foot (PCF). Correspond the number you receive to the chart below to determine a freight class recommendation.

If you have a question about your freight class, a FreightCenter is available to help you. Simply give us a call at 800.716.7608 for immediate assistance.

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