Furniture Shipping Tips

Questions and answers regarding the process of shipping furniture to businesses and residential properties.

How do I ship a mattress?

Shipping a mattress across the country or to another state is easy to do. The preferred packaging type is boxed because it is difficult and requires a lot more space to strap and wrap a mattress or bed to a pallet. Our freight agents can help you find a box to ship a mattress or ship a bed, or you can search online to purchase a mattress box. Once you have packaged your mattress, measure the dimensions of the box and determine the weight and freight class. If you are estimating the weight of the packaged mattress, make sure you look up the weight provided by the bed manufacturer and add extra pounds for packaging material and the box. If you have any questions regarding the freight class, you may give us a call at 800-716-7608 and select the LTL shipping option to speak to an agent about your shipment.

How to Ship Furniture

Depending on the type of furniture you need to ship, there are many things to consider to ensure your item is picked up and delivered safely and without damage. FreightCenter can help you find a freight carrier that specializes in the transport of bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, living room furniture and more.

Items made of wood: Furniture that can be marred, scratched or crushed should be properly protected before it is loaded onto and off of a truck. Make sure wooden finishes are protected by covering up corners with protective corrugated cardboard and use heavy weight blankets to protect the tops of tables and exposed sides of furniture. You may also ship your item in a crate in order to prevent it from being crushed. Crating is especially suggested if you're shipping an item with legs that cannot be detached. If you would prefer the shipping company handle the packaging of your item, opt for our white glove service.

Items covered in fabric: Items such as couches, recliners, mattresses, etc. should be protected against ripping and tearing. You can buy a box that is specially designed for mattresses, or you can blanket wrap your furniture to ensure safe transport. Get a free furniture shipping quote or give us a call, if you have any questions regarding the safe delivery of your furniture.

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