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Hazardous Materials

More information and frequently asked questions about how to ship hazardous material with FreightCenter.

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What Are Hazardous Materials (Hazmat)?

Any substance or material that is considered to have the capability to cause an unreasonable risk to human health, safety, or the environment when transported in commerce, used incorrectly, or if not properly stored or contained is considered a hazardous material. Hazardous materials include fuels, bio-chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

Are There Different Levels to Hazardous Materials?

Here’s how the National Fire Protection Association rates hazardous materials in the United States:

  • Red – Flammable
  • Blue – Health Hazard
  • Yellow – InstabilityHazard
  • 4 – Ranges from lethal to explosive
  • 3 – Ranges from permanent injury to explode
  • 2 – Ranges from temporary injury to violent chemical change
  • 1 – Ranges from no hazard to stable

Most hazardous material is required to have material safety data sheets, or MSDS. This paperwork provides detailed information about the hazardous materials being transported. It will have safety recommendations and first aid procedures to follow in the case of exposure. Make sure to review the guidelines of the MSDS prior to shipping any hazmat product, and make additional copies of the safety data sheets included with the product shipment. Make sure all packaging is in accordance to regulations of the goods with proper and clearly marked containers. Notify the carrier in advance the specifics of the materials you are arranging transport for.

How Do You Ship Hazardous Materials?

Our Quick Quote form online includes a box to select the Hazmat service option. The extra cost to ship hazardous materials will be automatically included in the quoted price. Keep in mind that not all carriers are licensed to handle Hazmat freight. Licensed carriers in the U.S. are required to indicate hazardous materials by a diamond shape signage. The color of the diamond will indicate the type of hazard the products represents.

For more information about shipping hazardous materials, contact FreightCenter at 800.716.7608.

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