Service Areas

Information about FreightCenter's North American carriers and service areas.

Shipping within the United States

FreightCenter offers instant rates on services within and between the continental United States, Hawaii and Alaska. Shipping from state to state is fast, easy and affordable. With more than 30 years of experience, FreightCenter is the leader in domestic freight shipping.

How much can an ocean container hold?

In partnership with YRC Freight, FreightCenter offers volume rates and services for ocean container shipping. FreightCenter can help you with domestic ocean freight shipments, including pickups or deliveries by truck between mainland and island ports.

Container Sizes:

45-foot-high Cubes
40-foot-high Cubes
40-foot-long Dry Container
20-foot-long Dry Container

What is required to ship within Canada?

FreightCenter assists with domestic Canadian shipments by working with dedicated intra-Canada freight companies, like Day & Ross and YRC Reimer.

What paperwork is required to ship from Canada to the US?

For Canadian shippers, FreightCenter makes it easy to transport goods into the United States. Once you book a shipment through us, we will provide you with the paperwork required for pickup, such as the bill of lading (BOL). Depending on the commodity and type of shipment, additional paperwork may be required.

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