eCommerce Tools

Learn more about FreightCenter's shipping calculator and other web services.

What is eCommerce?

eCommerce includes the buying and selling of goods and services online.

Use FreightCenter's eCommerce Tools

Businesses and individuals use handy eCommerce tools when creating a complete online shopping experience. Our eCommerce tools complete the buying cycle by visibly offering direct pricing on products that require freight shipping.

Shipping Calculator
FreightCenter's shipping calculator can be implemented on any website. Written in simple HTML, the code can be copied and pasted into a section of a web page or eBay auction where you want to allow customers to find the cost of shipping an item from one zip code to another.

Copy and paste this free tool in your eBay auction, listing or shopping cart. With a account, your customers can begin to quote freight rates directly from you.

Any modifications made to the code may cause it to malfunction. Please copy and paste the code exactly as is in order to use this tool.

Freight Rating API
Integrate this free, open-source tool and Web service into your existing shopping cart application or website. With a account, your customers can begin to quote and book freight directly from your company.

Is your website hosted by Go Daddy? Simply connect to Go Daddy's Quick Shopping Cart, which is already integrated with FreightCenter's API. Right from your website, customers will be able to calculate their cost of shipping instantly. All the account paperwork and customer service is handled by FreightCenter, which saves you time and money.


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