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SMS Text Tracking from FreightCenter

April 26, 2022 by FreightCenter
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The sound of success! Introducing SMS text tracking from FreightCenter! Our goal has always been to simplify your shipping experience and with this new SMS text tracking feature, we’ve done just that. As one of the first in the freight shipping and logistics industry to utilize this technology, our SMS text tracking will give you greater visibility into the status of your shipment. In turn, this will help you deliver an even better customer experience. Let’s dive into some of the details!

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How SMS Text Tracking from FreightCenter Works

With FreightCenter’s SMS text tracking, you will receive two text messages. The first message is sent to your phone when the shipment is picked up and the second message is sent to you when the shipment is delivered.

If you want additional details about your shipment and tracking, you can simply follow the link within the text you received that will take you to the tracking page on

How Do You Sign Up for SMS Text Tracking from FreightCenter?

Signing up is a pretty simple process. First, your FreightCenter agent will need to input your cell phone number into your FreightCenter account. Then, you will need to request to opt in to receive text messages from FreightCenter.

Here are the two simple ways you can sign up:

  1. You can opt in to receive each kind of message, such as tracking, news, and deals on your My FreightCenter page.
  2. A FreightCenter agent can check the SMS boxes and indicate what type of messages you want to receive. Remember, for this option, you must give the FreightCenter agent permission to do this on your behalf.

If you ever decide you no longer want to receive tracking text messages from FreightCenter, all you have to do is text “Stop” in reply to a text from us.

SMS Tracking Text Message Feature Is Part of Our TMS

Our tracking text messages feature is the latest technology integration with our transportation management system (TMS). When you utilize our TMS, you get innovative technology that puts all things shipping at your fingertips.

A TMS can help you find shipping solutions that best match your needs, budget and timeframe. This may include helping you source the best shipping modes, find the right carriers and the lanes they offer, get the best shipping rates, utilize SMS tracking texts and more. Everything in our TMS is centralized in one place, keeping you organized and in the driver’s seat.

Taking Shipping to the Next Level

At FreightCenter, our motto is “Shipping Handled” for a reason. We strive to continually innovate with our tools and technology to offer better, more efficient shipping options to our shippers, and this new feature is just one of the ways we are doing that. From a transportation management system that centralizes your search for carriers, rates and more, to a unique text tracking system, FreightCenter takes the guesswork out of shipping.

Starting today, you can take your shipping (and dare we say, your business) to the next level with FreightCenter SMS Text Tracking. Be sure you sign up for SMS text tracking from FreightCenter, and ship like a pro by getting a free online quote or giving us a call at 8007167608.

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