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Megacon Shipping

March 17, 2022 by FreightCenter
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Megacon Shipping to the MEGACON Exhibition?

MEGACONat the ORANGE COUNTY CONVENTION CENTER is the largest fan convention in the Southeastern United States. Are you in need of Megacon Shipping to A 4-day comic book, sci-fi, horror, anime, cosplay, and gaming extravaganza, this fan event takes place every year in spring, at the Orange County Convention Center.

Over 110,000 enthusiasts will be in attendance this year, at what is commonly called the pinnacle of comic/fan conventions.

What You Will Find

Exciting booths are packed on the show floor. At past shows CosFx allowed guests to relive different movies like Beetlejuice and The Addams Family in an interactive photo booth with special props. It was the perfect photo takeaway gift.

Additionally, other classic booths, included the Batmobile from Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman Film, Star Wars by the 501st Legion and Ghostbusters.

  • 1,000+ EXHIBITORS
  • 145,000+ FOLLOWERS
  • 716,000,000+ MEDIA IMPRESSIONS

Direct Exposure to Stars

The ultimate fan experience, MEGACON is a place for everyone to celebrate all things pop culture. You can get autographs or photos with your favorite movie stars and watch special cast reunion panels, such as Back to the Future including Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, Tom Wilson and James Tolkan (2019); the four hobbits from The Lord of the Rings – Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Billy Boyd, and Dominic Monaghan (2022);  The X-Files with Mitch Pileggi, Annabeth Gish, William B Davis (2018).

These special events are huge, because guests get to interact directly with their favorite characters and get the inside scoop about their favorite movies and TV shows.

In comparison, San Diego Comic-Con 2019 attracted over 130,000 attendees and 2,500 members of the media from over 30 countries (according to the Convention Center). The vast majority of the hundreds of exhibitors who set up booths at the con each year are independent creators.

While San Diego Comic-Con normally brings the largest crowds (130,000-165,000), MEGACON is in Orlando, Florida, which means that visitors also have the option of visiting Disney World, Universal Studios and any of the other local Orlando attractions. Therefore, the number of individual attendees may not be accurately represented, as Comic-Con may have more repeat visitors, while MEGACON has more 1-day visitors.

MEGACON Orlando will be held at the Orange County Convention Center, North/South Concourse, situated in the heart of Orlando’s famous International Drive, with more than 5,000 hotel rooms within a mile of the event, and just 15 minutes from the Orlando International Airport.

MEGACON’s Artist Alley

Whether you are a collector or just an appreciator of original pop-culture art, then MEGACON’s Artist Alley is where you need to go. Only a few times a year will so many talented artists be together, in one location. Artist Alley will be full of artists who create in a variety of mediums.

Surrealist, Daeda Draden has attended pop-culture and Comic/SciFi conventions for over a decade and sees MEGACON as the highlight of his tour.

“I love MEGACON. I feel normal here. Orlando is the mecca of pop-culture and fantasy already, but when you bring all the people who are really fanatical about it under one roof, the environment is electric.”

Draden (who often goes by “CJ”) paints on glass over light, using an inversive method, meaning that he lays down paint and then scrapes away it away to create a surreal perspective of his subject. The number of artists who create like this can be counted on one hand, which has created a high demand for his art, so if you want a piece, you’ll have to come early.

Original Artwork by CJ Draden

Artist Alley is full of amateur or professional artists and craftspeople who create one-of-a-kind pieces. Original artwork you’ll find includes original as well as commissions, sculptures, jewelry, pins and buttons.

Need Shipping to MEGACON?

If you need your exhibit or display shipped to MEGACON, or any other comic/sci-fi fan convention, reach out to FreightCenter for a quote.

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