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Since 1998, FreightCenter has been building relationships with motor carriers nationwide. Our large network of carriers allows us to provide you with a wide variety of services and prices.

With just one FreightCenter quote, you'll instantly receive rates from multiple motor carriers. You get to choose the carrier with the service, price and transit time that meets your needs.

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What are Motor Carriers?

Motor carriers are trucking companies that transport freight over the road using freight trucks. They usually specialize in a certain set of services, specific lanes and regions, or a type of equipment.

Some motor carriers only offer LTL shipping services (less than truckload) or only truckload services. Some offer both.

As a FreightCenter customer, you have access to all the services our motor carriers offer. That means, you get a wider variety of services than if you went direct to a carrier. That includes, LTL, truckload, residential, commercial, international, intermodal and specialized services.

Save Big With All the Top Motor Carriers

FreightCenter organizes hundreds of shipments a day. That's why we qualify for high-volume discounts with our carriers. You get access to those discounts when you book through FreightCenter.

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