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Truck shipping freight deliver


Like mentioned above, freight carriers each specialize in their own set of services. Usually those services fall into two categories: LTL and truckload.

LTL Freighting Services

LTL, or less than truckload, involves shipping large items that don't take up a full truckload. Shipments from multiple origins are consolidated onto one truck. They're taken to a freight terminal where they are unloaded and reloaded onto another truck with items going to the same destination.

Since LTL freight is handled several times before it's delivered, it sometimes requires specialized services. Residential shippers and small-medium sized businesses use LTL services the most. Often times, these types of shipments also require specialized services.

Examples of LTL services:

  • Lift Gate Loading/Unloading
  • White Glove Pick up/Delivery
  • First and Final Mile

Truckload Freighting Services

Truckload shipping involves the transportation of freight that fills a truck. The shipment goes straight from origin to destination so there's less of a need for specialized services.

Examples of truckload services:

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