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Find the best San Francisco freight shipping rates. When shipping freight to or from San Francisco, FreightCenter is your best choice.

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Freight shipping to San Francisco is easier than ever with FreightCenter. Our simple quoting and booking process will enable you to get an instant freight quote from top shipping companies and start booking your freight shipments in a few short minutes. FreightCenter makes it affordable to ship intermodal freight, LTL freight, truckload freight, and rail freight to San Francisco, from San Francisco, or anywhere else ...all with our guaranteed competitive freight rates.

Freight Shipping San Francisco, CA

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The Golden Gate Bridge and severe fog isn’t all that San Francisco is known for. Through several means of measurement, the San Francisco Bay area is one of the most crucial international trade gateways in the U.S. Many high value goods are shipped from the area, with electronics being one of the top revenue generating items. San Francisco is also referred to as Silicon Valley, home to the headquarters of Google, Apple, and Facebook.

San Francisco offers shippers many different shipping options, including rail, ocean, and air. However, freight shipping by rail brings in the highest amount of volume and is a safe and reliable choice for any shipper.

While the weather climate is typically mild, the roads and traffic flow are not as agreeable. Due to San Francisco’s long history, many roads are very worn and even closed in some cases. Be sure to inform your booking agent of any road closures near you when booking your shipment. Bad traffic flow can also cause delays in transit time for truckers.

San Francisco, CA is the birthplace of the United Nations. Historically the city specialized in professional services. Today’s economy has caused a shift into fields such as biotechnology, high tech, and medical research. San Francisco has six Fortune 500 companies and many reginal headquarters located there. The six companies are,

  • McKesson Corporation is a pharmaceutical distribution company. They specialize in medical supplies, tools for care management, and health information technology.
  • Wells Fargo is a international financial services holding company. It is the third largest bank in the United States. They provide everything from management service to banking and loans.
  • PG&E Corp. is an electric utility company specializing in electricity and natural gas. The company receives natural gas from the Texas gas fields.
  • Gap is a specialty retailer operating five divisions. These divisions are Old Navy, Athleta, Banana Republic, Intermix, and Gap.
  • is a cloud computing company. They offer cloud services for sales, service and platform marketing.
  • Charles Schwab Corporation is a banking and brokerage company. They operate four primary divisions including banking, trading, investing, and wealth management.

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