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Freight Delivery Issues and How to Handle Them

Freight delivery issues can occur at any stage in the shipping process. Supply chain managers, small business owners and customers alike all dread when things don’t go right in the delivery process. And with large companies offering shorter and shorter delivery times, alleviating delivery process issues helps small businesses keep up with consumer demand. To […]

LTL and Truckload Trends: What Factors Are at Play?

2023 is a year, unlike anything we have seen or experienced. As market conditions fluctuate, less-than-truckload (LTL) and truckload (TL) trends make it harder for business owners or operators to keep up with changes. The freight industry market conditions change for various reasons, including economic situations, legal regulations, driver shortages, capacity issues, sudden public health […]

FreightCenter and TPT Med Tech Deliver Rapid COVID Testing Lab, Part 3

If you’ve been reading our previous blogs about this incredible technology, you will understand that no matter what has changed, the pandemic couldn’t take away our sense of community and helping one another. You’ll want to watch this last video showing the final leg of how San Diego-based company, TPT Med Tech, is getting state-of-the-art […]

Is Your Freight Shipping Strategy Costing Your Customers?

Nowadays, it’s difficult to tell if your freight shipping strategy works for you or against you. With consumer behaviors changing rapidly, continually revising your freight shipping strategy is more critical than ever. Business owners need an optimized shipping strategy to keep their supply chain moving smoothly and meet customers’ expectations. Is your shipping strategy costing […]

Dimensional Weight vs Actual Weight

Dimensional weight is just as crucial as an actual weight when shipping freight. Calculating dimensional weight vs. actual weight can help solve various shipping problems. Freight weight calculates differently than weight for parcel shipping, but how exactly do we determine freight weight? Well, it depends on the carrier. Some carriers use dimensional weight (DIM) for […]

Save on Freight Shipping with These 3 Simple Tips

All business owners want to save on freight shipping. And like every other aspect of running a business, shipping freight comes with a learning curve. Unfortunately, the freight shipping learning curve can be more expensive than necessary if you’re not careful. Many business operators will be surprised to learn that these three ways can help […]

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