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How Do I Get the Best Freight Rates?

Freight rates can vary significantly between freight carriers. Factors influencing a carrier’s freight rate might include the carrier’s terminals/hubs and whether the route between two points is primary or secondary.

White Glove Delivery

White Glove Delivery Service White glove delivery service provides the highest level of service and support for your delicate cargo. That means drivers go above and beyond the standard curbside pickup and delivery freight service provided by carriers. White glove delivery covers extended services outside of these responsibilities, which the LTL carrier does not offer. Simply, […]

Third Party Logistics Provider

What Is a 3PL? A 3PL, or third-party logistics provider, simplifies and reduces costs of freight shipping for businesses that do not have minimum-volume contracts with freight carriers. As a 3PL, FreightCenter helps customers by: Introducing shippers to carriers that will ship for the customer at a significant discount via our instant quote systemHelping the […]

National Trucking Companies

FreightCenter provides trucking, shipping and freight services for commercial and residential shippers. Trucking services from and to any point within the United States are available, as well as shipping to any international destination. What Is a National Trucking Company? Not all trucking companies are national in scope and territory covered. Many trucking companies are regional […]

Interstate Trucking Companies

Compare Freight Rates From Interstate Trucking Companies FreightCenter’s online freight tools help simplify your freight shipping. Save money on your next shipment. Take advantage of our large network of trucking companies and high-volume discounts. Our quick quote offers instant results from multiple carriers. You get to choose the carrier with the best cost and transit […]

Packing Furniture

Packing is Key When you are shipping furniture, you want to make sure it arrives in the same condition as it leaves. To ensure that this happens, you must take extra steps to help prepare and package your items. The number one reason for freight damage is due to improper packaging, so packaging your furniture […]

Moving Company vs LTL Freight?

Maybe you’re moving your whole house across the country. Or, you just need to move a few pieces of furniture. Either way, you need to decide whether to use a moving company or a freight company that offers LTL freight shipping services. Deciding which route to take relies on how many pieces of furniture you […]

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Freight?

The costs when shipping freight are dependent on a few variables: The mode of transportation (TL vs LTL, Air vs Water)Freight class (set class vs density)Delivery time (standard vs Guaranteed)Packaging (pallet vs crate vs boxed,Destination specifications (businiess vs residential) By definition, freight cost includes the price of fuel, mileage, capacity requirements, and any other equipment […]

Freight Liner

What Is an Ocean Freight Liner? Ocean freight liners are used to transport international cargo all over the world. What distinguishes freight liners from other ocean-going cargo vessels is that they run regular ocean routes on fixed schedules. FreightCenter specializes in international shipping via ocean liners and air transport. Our multimodal shipping options combine various […]

Freight Agents

Your Freightcenter Freight Agent When we use the phrase “shipping expert” at FreightCenter, it’s in reference to one of our many freight agents, AKA National Account Managers. These are the men and women who review your quote forms, confirm that the carrier you choose is the right one for the service your shipment requires, makes […]

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