freight shipping payment method


Option 1: Credit Card

Payment by credit card is preferred by most shippers. To pay by credit card, you simply complete and sign your shipping documents and then return them to us via fax. This will allow us to immediately lock in your quoted freight rate and approve your shipment. If you pay by credit card you do not need to download or complete any other applications or forms.

Option 2: Electronic Check (ACH)

To use Electronic Check (known as ACH), you must first contact your bank and have your bank account approved (set up) for ACH payments. You must also request an ACH form from your FreightCenter agent by calling 800-716-7608 and dialing their extension. If your agent is not available, our Customer Service department will be able to service your account.

After your bank has added ACH services to your account you should complete the following form and fax it to FreightCenter at 727-450-7808.

Option 3: Domestic Wire Funds Transfer

To pay for services by Domestic or International Wire Transfer, you should direct your bank to transfer the monies to our domestic or international bank. Please contact your FreightCenter agent for wire instructions.

Receipt showing confirmation of funds transfer should be emailed to

Option 4: Cashiers Check or Certified Mail

To pay for services by check, you may provide a cashiers check or company check. Checks may be mailed or overnighted to us. Your shipment will be dispatched upon receipt of a cashiers (secured) check. Non secured checks require a 7 day processing period before dispatch.

Option 5: Open a Credit or AR Account

An Open Account with FreightCenter is reserved for established businesses, non-profit organizations and government agencies that have been operating five (5) or more years and are rated by D&B as an above-average credit risk. This is a convenient option for those customers wanting to easily pay for multiple loads.

FreightCenter Online Credit Application.