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Ship up to 1,200 Pounds in our FedEx Freight Box

April 26, 2022 by FreightCenter
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Did you know that you can order a FedEx freight box online, and they’ll deliver them to your door? I’m sure you do. But, what you probably don’t know is that FedEx Freight now offers this box for larger shipments. Since FedEx Freight is one of our trusted carriers, we want to fill you in on their new service.

Freight Box Options

These boxes come in two types: the integrated pallet box and the non-integrated pallet box. It also comes in three industry-standard sizes determined by height: short (20”), medium (28”), and tall (38”). And it can support freight up to 1,200 pounds! Which is a big deal considering that before this, FedEx’s largest shipping container was the Extra Large Box which has a max weight of 50 pounds.

The FedEx Express freight box can be used with all FedEx Express Freight Services, both in the U.S. and internationally. Coupled with quick delivery to your door (within 3-5 days) and easy assembly. We even had some delivered here to FreightCenter just to see for ourselves! Our Freight Experts focus on the proper assembly and use of it as well as the services provided with it.

Freight Box Help

Does your shipment weigh more than 1,200 pounds? Check out our website for more information on crating services or view our other tips and tricks for successful freight preparation.

Shipping With FreightCenter

Have any questions about requesting a FedEx freight quote or using a FedEx freight box? Let FreightCenter help! Our freight agents can ease you into the process to ensure it’s a smooth ride for you and your shipment. Use FreightCenter’s freight shipping quote tool to begin. For other locations, call our international shipping experts at 844-2127447. Saving money doesn’t have to cost more in the long haul: Let FreightCenter be your “one-stop ship.”

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