save money on your freight shipping

Save Money on Your Freight Shipment

You can save up to 95% on your freight shipment when you book with FreightCenter.

FreightCenter offers full-service freight options including LTL, truckload, residential, commercial, intermodal, international, and more. You get a wide variety of services to choose from when you ship with us thanks to our large network of carriers.

With just one FreightCenter quote, you get access to a long list of common carriers that meet your shipment needs. And, you get to choose the carrier with the best combination of service, price and transit time.


How do we get such great discounts?

There's two main reasons why we get to pass on such great discounts to you. The first is the relationships we've built with carriers since 1998. We've locked in contracted rates with some of these carriers. That means a lot of our rates don't ever go up.

Our large customer base helps too. We book hundreds of shipments a day. That qualifies us for high-volume discounts on top of already low rates.

Want to save even more?

You can save even more when shipping freight with these tips.

Consolidate your shipments

Freight shipment being loaded by forklift

This tip is best for LTL shippers whose shipments aren't time sensitive.

LTL shipping is already more cost-effective due to consolidation. Several dozen shipments from various origins are consolidated on one truck. Then they're taken to a freight terminal where they're loaded and reloaded onto another truck with shipments going to the same destination.

If you're not on a time crunch, wait to book your LTL shipments until you have enough freight to take up a partial or full truckload. Not only will you save money, but you'll also save time. Your shipment will go from origin to destination with little to no stops in between.

Use Intermodal Rail

freight shipment in cargo containerIntermodal is a great alternative to truckload shipping. Intermodal shipping transports containers via rail with trucking on both ends. So, a truck brings the shipment to a rail hub where it's loaded on a train. Once it reaches the next rail hub a truck picks it up to take it to its final destination.

Intermodal is often times cheaper than shipping by truck alone, especially over long distances. So, if you're shipping from Florida to California, you definitely want to consider rail as an option.

Shipping by rail is cheaper because of the fuel savings. Trains are up to four times more fuel efficient than trucks. They also produce less carbon emissions making it a much more environmentally friendly option.

Avoid Costly Billing Adjustments

  1. Double check that the dimensions and weight listed on your BOL are correct. Include the packaging and pallet. These details can be changed anytime before the shipments is picked up.
  2. Make sure to request all necessary services and accessorials. For example, is there a loading dock or forklift? If not you'll need a liftgate.
  3. Use the correct freight class. If you are unsure what freight class to use give our freight experts a call at 800.716.7608.